22. - 26. March 2023 | 21. - 25. June 2023

Recreative sleep – the source of regeneration!

We spend a third of our lives asleep. The importance of sleep to our health, balance and joy of living has been intensively researched in the meantime. In addition to the duration of sleep, both the distribution and the quality of the individual sleep phases are the basis for true recovery.

Healthy sleep as a source of regeneration depends on a number of factors, which we would like to make tangible for you. The new spa philosophy at the König Ludwig offers a variety of inspirations so that you can experience “well-being and relaxation” as an experience.

How do I fall asleep and stay asleep better? How do I get a higher quality of sleep? What preparation during the day is crucial for a good sleep? We provide the answers to these important questions in our sleep retreats.

Dr. Ronald Burger, as a leading expert on HRV (heart rate variability and indicator of stress levels) and regeneration, will provide concrete instructions and actionable tips on how to noticeably improve the quality of sleep. Influences on sleep can be detected by 24-hour measurements of the heart rate variability (HRV). Causes for sleeping disorders become visible and can be worked on concretely and individually! The measurement results are analysed on site and discussed in an individual coaching session.

Those who sleep better, live better and longer!

Dr. Ronald Burger

holds a doctorate in sports science and is the owner of the health consultancy SOURCE. He currently advises several companies on the implementation of heart rate variability (HRV) in applications to improve health and performance. He is considered a leading expert in HRV applications for the measurement and interpretation of regeneration, sleep, biohacking, cryotherapy and in coaching.

The former competitive athlete headed the exercise and movement science laboratory at the Johannes Gutenberg University for 23 years. He is an author in various journals, a lecturer at universities, the developer of the high-functional gymnastics INKOBE, metabolic expert and coach of high-performance athletes and performers outside of sports.

Our offer for you

  • 4 nights in your chosen room category
  • all amenities of the inclusive services
  • a diet adapted to the rhythm of the day and night (breakfast, light lunch and light evening menu)
  • introduction to the topic of sleep, process and expectations
  • two HRV long-term measurements incl. questionnaire
  • theoretical aspects of sleep and integration into the König Ludwig Spa offer
  • discussion of the analysis results and individual coaching
  • “cortisol cocktail” in the morning (exercise session in 10min)
  • breathing workout (aspects of breathing: biochemistry and biomechanics)
  • group coaching 30 min
  • Inkobe (highly functional gymnastics to improve posture, strength and lymph flow)
  • written analysis of the final measurement (by mail afterwards)

  • in the single room

  • from € 1600

  • Inquiry

  • in the double room

  • from € 1404

  • Inquiry

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