The König Ludwig cuisine

The way to your loved one's heart may well be through the stomach, and your soul feels it too. Here, everything tastes great and it still does your body good.

Our chef de cuisine will conjure the finest regional, light and healthy delicacies and pamper your palate with special pleasures. Enjoy our cuisine with an exquisite glass of wine, with interesting people and stimulating, cheerful conversation. Choose from

König Ludwig Indulgence Cuisine
Healthy vegetarian cuisine
König Ludwig Light, the calorie-conscious natural cuisine.

Of course we will make individual adjustments for any allergies or foods that do not agree with you after discussing these with you.

Undisturbed dining

We make every effort to offer you a setting for your dinner that is as beautiful as possible. Along with our attentive staff, who will be happy to reserve your favourite table for you and provide you with a most thorough service, the various rooms in Hotel König Ludwig ensure a private space, for tasteful or authentic dining. Seven different rooms with many cosy niches form the setting for your culinary experience.

"Arrive and let yourself be pampered", that's our motto. To avoid you having to stand in long queues at the buffet, we will serve your menu of choice from beginning to end.

Breakfast like a king

We provide the morning's crowning experience.

From 7.00 to 11.00 a.m., we have prepared many delicious culinary treats for your perfect start to the day. Along with local sausage, cheese and jam specialities, we will of course also have hot egg dishes ready for you. All of this in an elegant and cosy atmosphere. As we all know, food should also be a feast for the eyes.