Lilien Lounge & Bar

The attraction of the Lilien Lounge & Bar by the lake is its unique location right beside the artificial Schwanensee with its 4500 m2, which in every season offers a true spectacle of colours, beautiful reflections and the play of water. At lunchtime, guests can eat à la carte, enjoying crisp salads, freshly made pasta and classics such as Kaiserschmarren (pancakes). While these are being prepared, they can watch the chef, because the new show kitchen, with its portrait of the actress Romy Schneider, is ideal for doing so.  In the afternoons, you can sit completely relaxed in your bathrobe enjoying a cappuccino and a piece of cake. In the evenings, the falling darkness creates a special light in the bar and at aperitif time and at the end of the day it invites you try a cocktail creation or a glass of wine. Your eye can then wander over the brightly lit Ludwig SPA or, in the best case, over the pink and red sunset sky.

There is an especially beautiful story behind the name Lilien Lounge. It's not just that the lily was generally connected to European royal houses and their coats of arms, there is also a very special anecdote about King Ludwig II. His favourite cousin Sissi, the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, announced a visit to her old home of Munich and travelled there by train. Sissi and Ludwig had a close friendship, as they both felt they were often misunderstood and very restricted by the conventions of the court. To express his respect, the king had the whole of Munich station decorated with white lilies. Which is how the lily also entered the history of the Hotel König Ludwig.