Here, you are royalty and your personal favourite table is already reserved for you! Our royal rooms, "Grafenstube" (Count's Room), "Kaiserstube" (Imperial Room), "Fürstenstube" (Prince's Room), "Königsstube" (Royal Room) and other comfortable rooms have cosy niches to create a private space for you.

Arrive and let yourself be pampered! Our attentive team will be happy to accompany you to your table in the and every evening will serve you a delectable 5 courses. Here with us, you don't have to join a long queue for the buffet. We will create a royal space for you and serve you our evening menu from start to finish.

What can you look forward to in

Our kitchen team will enchant you with culinary highlights from the mountains, valleys, meadows and lakes. The philosophy: Authentic regional cuisine with a lot of loving attention to detail. We work with nature and not against it.

The produce of our regional partners of many years is prepared by our team with the skills of their craft and a dash of spirit. We feel an obligation to our home, our tradition and our guests, which means that quality is our top consideration. For our team, cooking is more than a craft – it's fun to treat our guests to our local treasures.

What we put on the table will amaze you and delight you!