Your very own personal wellness kingdom!

It is not that we do not have enough time, but that there is too much time that we do not use. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Use your precious time and enjoy togetherness as a couple in our private SPA. Purely exclusive! Comfortable heated massage couches are waiting for you, as well a a big shower for couples, an aromatic steam bath and a large water bed. The highlight is the whirlpool bath for couples with coloured light therapy, where you can even play your own music. The elegant space and its high-quality furnishing will offer you royal well-being and delight you!

Get into the mood with a feel-good couples massage, sweat a little in your own steam booth and then rest in the whirlpool. Finally enjoy a dreamy time in the water bed and let yourselves relax completely with a glass of champagne and fruit. Or the two of you can enjoy a couples ritual in our private SPA. While you are doing so, we will be happy to hand you one of our beneficial peels. Or let yourselves be packed into a pleasant mountain herb pack or wrapped in a sweet covering of chocolate.

In our private SPA, you will be completely undisturbed and we guarantee you will experience unforgettably beautiful moments with your partner. Our trained and expert SPA team will care for you at any time and will be sensitive in handling your wishes and your time.

Our SPA team will be happy to help you with booking and advice: or phone us on +49 (8362) 88 90

Our offer

Private SPA Wellness treatments

Private SPA – Wellness treatments
We would be happy to pamper you and your partner in our private SPA with a feel-good massage or body treatment on our comfortable, heated massage couches. Treatments that we recommend in the private SPA as treatments for couples can be found in the SPA Edition marked with two hearts. You will find the prices for the treatments concerned on the relevant pages. Afterwards, you can book a desired feel-good time for yourself and your loved one, allowing you enjoy your time as a couple in the most relaxed manner …


Our private SPA can also be booked without treatment

60 minutes
including whirlpool, water bed, champagne, alcohol-free drinks and fruit
€ 85.00
for 2 persons
90 minutes
including whirlpool, water bed, steam bath with aromatic peel, champagne, alcohol-free drinks and fruit
€ 145.00
for 2 persons
120 minutes
including whirlpool, water bed, steam bath with aromatic peel, champagne, alcohol-free drinks and fruit
€ 185.00
for 2 persons


Ask our SPA team! We would be happy to advise you on
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Couple rituals in the private SPA

"Sweet dream"
Enveloped in warm chocolate, you are invited to relax in a whole-body massage. Your chocolate costume will care for and nourish your skin while you spend a moment in the steam bath. To follow on, we wish you a sweet rest on your double water bed.

80 minutes € 126.00 per person


"Delicate temptation"
A gentle ginger and lime essential oil peel pampers your senses and leaves your skin silky-soft. Afterwards, enjoy a bath for two and feel your skin tingle. Now enjoy deep relaxation for body and spirit with a gentle massage from head to foot.

115 minutes € 161.00 per person


"Dream journey for two"
Let yourselves be taken away together on a sensual journey. In our steam booth, we will hand you our own house aromatic salt peel for you to pamper each other. Experience magical moments with a lomi-lomi whole body massage with warm, scented oil. Then find time for dreaming and cosy cuddles in your shared double water bed.

140 minutes € 195.00 per person