Our "So Much Included" services (inclusive services)

  • Generous breakfast buffet with regional produce from 7.30 to 11.00 a.m.
  • Early Bird breakfast in the Wellness Tea Room from 7.00 to 09.00 a.m. with fresh croissants & coffee specialities
  • In the evenings, daily cheese buffet in our Lilien Lounge & Bar by the lake
  • On request we also offer lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan cuisine
  • Wellness Tea Room with tea on offer all day, plus fruit and Grander water fountain
  • Use of the 6,600 m2 of the Ludwig SPA with 21 bathing, sweat and relaxation attractions & wellness garden
  • Wellness service with loan of bag, bath towels, bathrobe and bath slippers when you arrive in your room
  • Use of the Ludwig SPA up until 3:00 p.m. on the day of departure
  • Use of the Fit & Fun Lodge with the high-tech cardio and strength training equipment by Miha-Milon
  • Participation in our activity and health programmes, different every day, with up to 40 courses a week
  • loan of cycles  (City and Trekking bikes)
  • Free loan of hiking and Nordic Walking poles
  • Free hiking shuttle to the best hiking start points
  • Loan of rucksack, waiting for you in your room on arrival, for your hiking excursions
  • Weekly tour of the house followed by an aperitif with your host Florian Lingenfelder
  • Live music several times a week in our Lilien Lounge & Bar by the lake
  • Free transfer from the railway station
  • Free WiFi

And also ...

  • 5-course menu choice in the evening with traditional, vegetarian or light and healthy cuisine plus twice a week an additional rustic treat (40€ p.P.)
  • Filling of hiking rucksack plus hire of e-bikes (for a fee)
  • rental of cycles (City, Racing, Mountain and Trekking bikes, for a fee)
  • Tesla electric charging point
  • Organising unique, romantic moments (for a fee)
  • Show kitchen in our Lilien Lounge & Bar by the lake (for a fee)
  • Reduced tickets for mountain railways and castles
  • Allgäu Golf Pass plus 20% reduction for the "Auf der Gsteig" golf course in Lechbruck
  • Ticket service for the Festival Theatre
  • Airport shuttle (for a fee)
  • Reduced prices for ski hire for cross-country and Alpine skiing in a local sports shop
  • Private and personal training with our fitness trainers (for a fee)

Activity & health programme (inclusive service)


Pilates is a stretching and strength-building training, mainly strengthening the muscles of the lower torso (abdomen, lower back, pelvic floor).


The name says it all; here we get to the problem zones. The focus here is on firming up the tissues and and fat reduction.

Flexi bar training

Flexi bar, also known as the magic wand, provides the option of strengthening deep musculature in an easy way.


Stretching is a gymnastic exercise that promotes and improves mobility.

Spine exercises

The ideal course for all those who have back problems or would like to prevent these. Exercises improve posture and strengthen the muscular "support corset" (abdominal, back and buttock musculature). Preventing health problems is the focal point here.

Back fitness

Back fitness follows the principles of back school training. This focuses on mobilisation of the spine, strengthening the back and lower torso muscles and targeted stretching to compensate for muscular imbalance.

Back training, gentle and effective

Many everyday activities and jobs can trigger backache because of their one-sidedness. An outstanding opportunity to help prevent backache is functional gymnastic exercise. This helps prevent or to remedy back problems; the exercises promote the mobility of the spine and strengthen the active postural muscles. This takes the load off ligaments, joints and discs, and back problems can be eased.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a gentle and yet effective whole body training using the special Nordic Walking poles. This type of sport can be practised by beginners as well as experienced athletes! Compared to ordinary walking, using the poles takes the strain off the back and the knee and hip joints. The increased use of energy (powerful use of the arm and shoulder muscles) means that more calories are used compared to ordinary walking.

Intensive belly exercises

Targeted training for all the abdominal muscles.

Fit for the day

Gymnastic exercise to train the whole body. With lightweight dumbbells, sticks or gymnastic balls.

Kneipp hydrotherapy in the open air

Refreshing during the day, calming in the evening. The effect: stimulates the circulation, improves blood supply, lowers blood pressure, increases hardiness, is good for migraine.


People of any age can start to practise yoga and achieve remarkable results. With yoga, it is not necessary to move quickly. When performing the movements, take care to achieve an even speed and breathe deeply. Yoga exercises today mainly follow a holistic approach, intended to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony.

Imaginary journeys

Imaginary journeys are exceptional experiences, providing relaxation, positive thoughts and emotions. They promote imagination and creativity and help to reduce stress and restore inner balance.

and much more

Early bird exercise
Aqua exercise
Aqua jogging
Aqua pilates