Our activity and health programme

Our free activity and health programme offers you the option of having a varied workout even when on holiday! You can take part in up to 40 courses per week without registering beforehand. Our fitness trainers Tina and Nadine look forward to meeting you! Training takes place both in the indoor and outdoor areas. Our well-lit course room and our Tartan outdoor surface with its view of the mountains are available for this purpose!

Aqua exercise

The lifting effect of the water means that the strength and coordination exercises are gentle on the joints, tendons and the back, strengthening the muscles and the heart and circulatory system. Here in the König Ludwig, we use among other equipment Beco BEflex - these are small plate-like surfaces with a handle in the centre. Properly used, they offer the best possible water resistance and enable training that is gentle on the joints. Energetic music, fast, strenuous and powerful movements turn the familiar water-based exercise into a demanding and fun whole body aqua workout.

Autogenic training

In autogenic training, certain applications of speech can call up physical and spiritual relaxation. Access to the subconscious mind is achieved by certain formulae directed as commands to the subconscious. This can call up a condition of inner peace.

Intensive belly & belly-legs-bottom

The name says it all; here we get to the problem zones. Targeted belly training for all the abdominal muscles, firming of tissues and fat reduction are in the foreground here.

Body workout

This course challenges the whole body and strength and endurance is required. Also, targeted muscle groups are exercised and strengthened.

Fascia training

Fascia are wrapped around the whole body like a net. Gentle movements stretch and loosen the fascia network; this results  in regaining more freedom of movement and quality of life.

Start the day fit & wake up in the morning

An exercise session with lightweight dumbbells, sticks or exercise balls, training the whole body.

Flexi bar training

Flexi bar, also known as the magic wand, provides the option of strengthening deep musculature in an easy way.

Early bird exercise

Start the day in a a positive, good mood – a morning exercise session will give you more energy for the day.

Functional Training

This free training serves to optimise your performance capability in the areas of strength, endurance, coordination and mobility. By training in a non-stable balance situation, your own body weight becomes resistant, thereby training various groups of muscles at the same time in a single movement. This perfectly prepares the body for various movement challenges, concentrating on the complete abdominal musculature, on firming the tissues and reducing fat. According to the exercise unit, brasils, kettlebells, sandbags and power bands are used.

Singing bowl meditation

Singing bowls originate in Eastern cultures, such as Japan, China, Thailand and the Himalayas. Giving a shape to sound and using the shaping effect of the sound for harmony and health is an ancient desire of human beings. The singing bowls are struck and the harmonics will lead you into deep meditation. Switch off, listen to the sound and go inside yourself.

Let's Bands

This is all about power and endurance. Power bands are elastic bands that supply targeted resistance to the muscles during training. This makes the exercises evidently more effective.

Muscle fascia training

The term fascia is used for a body-wide network of collagen connective tissue. If this network loses integrity due to everyday or sport-related poor posture or excessive strain on individual structures, this has a direct influence on the function of the active part of the locomotor system. This leads to adhesion, hardening or contortion of the fascia. The "Grid" hard foam roll provides an excellent opportunity for self-therapy. It enables, via the matrix mesh technology with different massage zones, targeted self-massage that reaches the depths of the muscular tissue. This gives the muscles their natural capabilities back. An immediate effect is guaranteed. Under personal instruction, this training will also provide a long-lasting effect for you at home. The most important effects of the training: improved mobility, muscles are stretched, reduction in muscle-related pain.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a gentle and yet effective whole body training using the special Nordic Walking poles. This type of sport can be practised by beginners as well as experienced athletes! Compared to ordinary walking, using the poles takes the strain off the back and the knee and hip joints.

Imaginary journeys

These are exceptional experiences, providing relaxation and positive thoughts. They promote imagination and creativity and help to reduce stress in order to restore inner balance.


Pilates is a stretching and strength-building training, mainly strengthening the muscles of the lower torso (abdomen, lower back, pelvic floor).

Progressive muscle relaxation

In progressive muscle relaxation, certain groups of muscles are consciously tensed and relaxed in a particular sequence. This leads to greater concentration and improved body perception. Muscle tension can also be loosened using this method.

Slashpipe - filled pipe

The slashpipe is a pipe filled with water, making the water swing by active movement and creating a natural chaos. Depending on the exercise position and speed as well as the angle of movement of the slashpipe, the person training will be challenged to work against the forces that arise by balancing them out by targeted stabilisation. This is possible because the slashpipe is an exercise device that moves in itself, and the muscles have to react to it.


Stretching is a gymnastic exercise that promotes and improves mobility.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is the sensational and innovative new development from the USA. This trend has by now become a modern classic. The whole body sensation is strengthen by the suspension training, as TRX is also known. The exercises promote strength, coordination, balance, endurance and stability, all at the same time. This training is equally suitable for beginners, leisure sports fans and athletes. The most important effects of the training: building up muscles, concentration, endurance coordination and balance.

Spine exercises

The ideal course for all those who have back problems or would like to prevent these. Targeted exercises improve posture and strengthen the muscular "support corset" (abdominal, back and buttock musculature). Preventing health problems is the focal point here.

Yoga & power yoga

Yoga follows a holistic approach, intended to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. Many people benefit from the calming and balancing effect of the physical exercises, also known as "asanas". In this way you can release spiritual and physical blockages while at the same time training your strength, flexibility and sense of balance.