Fit & Fun Lodge

Our sports coaches and sports therapists are highly qualified and will provide expert advice on the following topics:
• relaxation • movement • strength training • mental training • stress management • personal training • gymnastic exercise • Nordic Walking
• Kinesio taping • trigger points • Functional Movement Screen


200 square metres
of training area
40 free
fitness programmes
20 chip card controlled
Milon-Miha equipment items

What do we offer?

  • 200 m2 training area in the Fit & Fun Lodge
  • 200 m2 Tartan outdoor area with mountain views
  • The most modern Miha Milon equipment with chip card system control
  • Up to 40 supervised and free fitness, relaxation and outdoor programmes per week
  • Expert, top qualified trainers
  • Free loan of Nordic Walking poles
  • Free loan of cycle helmets and bikes
  • Individually devised personal training sessions

You can also book all the training units offered as personal training. You can reserve your appointments before your arrival, which will give you the opportunity to express your wishes.

Activity & health programme

Strength training

Get your body back in the fitness groove. Waiting for you: a well-equipped gym with a view of the surrounding mountain scenery and the most modern fitness equipment.

Your successes

Improvement of your own body posture and body perception.

Targeted training to build up your performance and avoid injuries.

Our equipment training

You will be personally and individually instructed by our fitness trainers on how to use the equipment.

Individual, correctly axially aligned positioning and individual equipment adjustment for optimum sitting and reclining position. This should minimise stress on the locomotor system.


Leg press, leg curler, adductors, abductors, rowing machine, lower back, abdomen, rotator, lat pulldown, shoulder press, bench press, incline bench, dumbbells, TRX rip trainer, TRX suspension, slackline, slashpipe, kettlebells, brasils, fascia rolls, Bosuball balance trainer, flexibar, FMS screening and much more.

Heart and circulation: 2x cross-trainers, 2x cardio bikes, 2x treadmills, 2x cross-country ski trainers