The effects of Kinesio Taping

The aim of the Kinesio tapes is to re-enable mobility of the joints by supporting the musculature and also to activate and speed up the healing process. Skin should be clean, dry and free of oils.

What lies behind it?

The breathable and water-resistant Kinesio tape is an elastic, stretchable and skin-friendly adhesive plaster. The tape consists of cotton and a wavy structure that adapts directly to the skin.

As the tape can be worn for several days, the result is a 24-hour therapy. The advantage is that by wearing the tape you are protecting and supporting the muscles just where they need it.

This enables faster healing and a reduction in pain and promotes mobility.

Muscle taping


  • Helps with disc problems, back pain and sciatica pain
  • Supports and promotes circulation
  • Helps with excessive stress and chronic pain as well as joint degeneration and osteoarthritis
  • Good for treating sports injuries such as swelling or bruising
  • Eases headaches and light migraine attacks
  • Helps with muscle and joint problems
  • Relieves and reduces tensions
  • Treatment of trigger points

from € 28.00

Lymph taping

(also in pregnancy)


  • Changes in the venous and lymphatic system very often lead to swollen legs in pregnancy
  • The body's return flow mechanism is supported
  • Circulation is promoted and the speed for flow of the lymph fluid increased

from € 36.00