What do we understand by personal training?

Do you have any wishes, complaints or individual goals? For you, our personal training means personal, individual and private support by physical and mental application – pleasant training on a smaller scale with a definite personal touch.

The benefits for you

  • Expert individual advice
  • Professional supervision
  • Individual consideration of your wishes and goals
  • Personal contact partner, contactable for queries
  • Motivation and fun in movement

Focal points of training

  • Endurance and condition
  • Back problems prevention training
  • General fitness
  • Muscle development
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Pulse controlled basic training
  • Weight loss
Endurance check-up

Our endurance check-up includes a detailed introductory discussion, allowing our fitness trainer to get an initial picture of you. The "cardio fitness check" on the cardio bike will determine your optimum training pulse – creating a good foundation for effective and healthy heart and circulatory system training. In addition, you will always be training in your optimum heart frequency area, letting you build up your condition and burn fat.

We will check: blood pressure, body fat, BMI, condition and endurance

Approx. 45 minutes  € 63.00


FMS test (Functional Movement Screening)

A simple all-round concept for long-term and correct training!

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) serves to analyses fundamental movement patterns in the simplest way and forms a foundation for properly coordinated training. Seven simple exercises make a very precise statement about the overall mobility and the corresponding deficiencies of a body. A customised training plan is drawn up based on the test results. Subsequent training consists of exercises from the field of Functional Training. These exercises can also be continued at home without expensive technical aids. If you repeat your stay, the screening can be carried out again, documenting the changes in performance, and evaluated once more.

1st section: Functional Movement Screening in 7 exercises / 30 minutes
2nd section: Test result & targeted exercises / 30 minutes

Approx. 60 minutes  € 84.00


TRX Suspension Training

TRX is the sensational and innovative new development from the USA. It strengthens all the body sensations. The exercises promote strength, coordination, balance, endurance and stability, all at the same time . This training is equally suitable for beginners, leisure sports fans and athletes.

The most important training effects
Build-up of muscles, concentration, endurance, coordination and balance

1 person 30 minutes € 42.00
2 persons 30 minutes € 37.00 per person
3 persons 30 minutes € 35.00 per person


TRX Trigger Point Workout (muscle fascia training)

The term fascia is used for a body-wide network of collagen connective tissue. If this network loses integrity due to everyday or sport-related poor posture or excessive strain on individual structures, this has a direct influence on the function of the active part of the locomotor system. This leads to adhesion, hardening or contortion of the fascia. The "Grid" hard foam roll provides an excellent opportunity for self-therapy. It enables, via the matrix mesh technology with different massage zones, targeted self-massage that reaches the depths of the muscular tissue. This gives the muscles their natural capabilities back. An immediate effect is guaranteed. This training, under personal instruction, offers you a long-term effect for home use as well.

The most important training effects
Improving mobility, stretching muscles, reduction of muscle-related pain.

1 person 30 minutes € 42.00
2 persons 30 minutes € 37.00 per person
3 persons 30 minutes € 35.00 per person


TRX Rip Training

Rip training is based on the use of a lever rod and a resistance rope, creating a unique and highly effective combination of power and rotation. This new style of whole body training can be carried out gently or with a lot of power. With this method, you can quickly and easily train your body control, mobility and coordination strength plus extensive whole body strength.

The most important effects of the training:
rotation power, speed, strength, endurance, power, coordination.

1 person 30 minutes € 42.00