Our suggestions for mountain cabins and hiking

Here you will find the cosy, authentic mountain cabins around Schwangau, well worth a few drops of sweat as you climb up! At the top, hospitable landlords will be waiting for you with a cool beer, a hearty traditional snack or fresh buttermilk.

Reith Alpe

Beautiful hiking trail with an amazing view of Neuschwanstein Castle – an exclusive photography tip!

It's best to leave your car at the hotel and start your hike right from the hotel entrance. Go in the direction of the Schwansee car park or Hohenschwangau, to the Gipsmühle sawmill – join the Pöllat Gorge – Reith Alpe. You can make your way back to the hotel via St. Coloman's church.

  • Only open in summer
  • Route approx. 8 km long and walking time 2.5 hours
  • www.reith-alpe.de
Tegelberghaus mountain inn

This cabin was formerly a royal hunting lodge and was built by Maximilian II, the father of Ludwig II. Many hiking tours start from this mountain inn.

You can get to the Tegelberghaus mountain inn by taking a comfortable trip up to the Tegelberg mountain station. For the active and sporty, we recommend a very beautiful hiking trail from Hohenschwangau via the castle to Bleckenau, and the trail leads on to the Tegelberg from there.

Buchenberg Alm

Gloriously located an a plateau with a view, 1,140 m above sea level, the Buchenberg Alm offers a magnificent view of the surrounding castles, mountains and lakes (view of 13 lakes).

The Buchenberg Alm can be reached by three easy to walk and well-signed hiking trails. You can walk along the road, the Kulturweg or the Bachweg path. We will be happy to provide further information.


At a height of 1,300 m in the Kenzen nature reserve in the Ammergau Alps, this cosy cabin offers hikers and cyclists hearty, fresh sustenance! During your walk, you will have an absolutely thrilling view of the Geiselstein and the Hochplatte.

Confidential tip: the waterfall, only about 300 m away!

You can get to the Kenzenhütte from the Kenzen car park (Steingaden/Buching) or using the Maximiliansweg, as well as by the Via Alpina (E4). In addition, there is a bus from Halblech to the cabin, if you happen to want to start off on an Alpine tour.


A splendid hiking trail leads from the small village of Eisenberg through the woods to the Schlossberg Alm. After a comfortable walk of 30 minutes or so, you will reach the beautiful Schlossberg Alm. The magnificent view will add the finishing touch to your trip!

Bergasthof Bleckenau mountain inn

King Ludwig once sat at the tables here! You will reach this hunting lodge after a walk of about two hours. Can be reached on foot via Hohenschwangau-Neuschwanstein Castle-Jugend-Bleckenau or, a more adventurous route, via the Pöllat Gorge.

From the Bleckenau inn you can also set off on a mountain trip to the Ammerau nature reserve.

Almstube Trauchgau

Fancy a nice walk through the Halblech valley and the Ammerau nature reserve? The Almstube is your perfect destination! The starting point  is Traugau, from where you have a 30 minute walk. You can also drive to the Alm directly by car.

Vilser Alm

The Vilser Alm,  located above the village of Vils, is an ideal starting point for numerous peak climbs (Vilser Kegel, Große Schlicke, Hundsarschjoch, Brentenjoch).

The cabin, which provides hospitality, can only be reached on foot – the climb of about an hour is well worth it. Up here, you can enjoy legendary mountain views and feel far away from the hectic world. Definitely order a traditional snack and be amazed!


The hiking trail to this cabin will give you many opportunities to stop and stare. Follow the signs from the Drehhütte/Rohrkopfhütte and after about an hour you will first reach the Drehhütte. The way to the Rohrkopfhütte continues for about 30 minutes with views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. When you arrive at the Rohrkopfhütte, the comfortable room or the beautiful panoramic terrace with its view of the valley will invite you to stop. Strengthen yourself abundantly with a hearty traditional snack, special Allgäu treats and cool drinks. From the Rohrkopfhütte, you can walk on to the Tegelberg mountain station and go back into the valley by cable car. If you decide to descend in this way, you will have repeated wonderful views of the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau as well as the foothills of the Alps.


This mountain inn once provided accommodation for woodcutters, but these days the Drehhütte is very popular with hikers, as it is an ideal starting point for numerous hiking tours. We recommend the South Tyrol specialities from the original Vinschgau cuisine. You  can get to the car park of the Drehhütte from Schwangau by driving in the direction of Buching. There are various ways to walk to the cabin: you need about an hour for the direct ascent from the car park. You can also get to the Drehhütte via the Rohrkopfhütte or the Tegelberg. Ascent: approx. one hour


You will need about 90 minutes to 2 hours to walk from Pflach to the Säulinghaus, located 1720 m above sea level. This authentic traditional cabin is located on the sun side of the Säuling with a breath-taking view of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps, as well as the whole of the Reutte valley basin.

Salober Alm

The Salober Alm is a mountain cabin that offers hospitality. It has a splendid sun terrace and is located above the Alatsee lake near Füssen at 1150 m above sea level. Walking time from the Alatsee car park approx. 1 hour. You will be rewarded with magnificent views of Neuschwanstein Castle. Once you have arrived, you can enjoy traditional snacks, and of course you simply must try hearty dishes such as fried cheese dumpling soup and the hut's Kaiserschmarrn pancake-style dessert.

Don't forget: good shoes are essential for an enjoyable, healthy hike. If you are walking on level ground, trainers with a well-profiled sole will be enough. In the mountains, though, you will need proper mountain footwear. You will also need appropriate clothing (waterproof jacket, jumpers) and it's essential to take something to drink!

Best of all, let us pack you a hiking rucksack with lots of regional treats, then nothing will stand in the way of a beautiful hiking tour!