Our cycling tips in the Allgäu

The Allgäu offers so many splendid bike and racing bike tours. We have put together a few tips for you here.

Tours for pleasure and leisure cyclists

Forggensee round tour - can be extended along the Bannwaldsee

Info: approx. 31 km long, completely paved, approx. 250 hm

Schwangau – Füssen – Osterreinen – Dietringen – Roßhaupten – Illasbergsee – Kniebis – Hergatsrieder See – Schwangau
Extended alternative route from Kniebis:  Berghof – Bayerniederhofen – Bannwaldsee – Schwangau

Level: very easy

Easy cycling tour with a fairly long ascent and few upswings on cycling and agricultural paths plus side roads with little traffic. In the summer season, from 01.06. to around the beginning of October, you can combine the bike tour with a trip on the Städtische Forggenseeschifffahrt boats. Around the lake you'll find eight stops, where you can take your bike onto the boat. Timetables are available at Tourist Information.

All around the border triangle - can be extended via the Kniepass

Info: approx. 25 km long, mostly paved, sand/gravel between the transition to Austria and Schluxen and the Ulrichsbrücke bridge and Ziegelwies, approx. 270 hm

Route: Schwangau – Hohenschwangau – Alpsee – Fürstenstraße – Border – Schluxen – Pinswang – Weißhaus – Ziegelwies – Schwangau

Level: very easy/ extended around the Kniepass: easy

Along the Alpsee to Schluxen, Tyrol. There are some ascents on the shady Fürstenstraße; the downhill stretch to Austria is not paved and relatively steep. From Schluxen, you can extend the tour by about 15 km with a trip over the Kniepass to Reutte (60 hm), returning via Musau.

Day tour to the Wieskirche church

Info: approx. 55 km long, mainly paved, 500 m between Resle and Wieskirche hard surfaced only, approx. 250 hm

Route: Schwangau – Brunnen – Bannwaldsee – Buching – Halblech – Trauchgau – Oberreithen – Schober – Resle – Wieskirche 

Level:  easy

Along the Romantic route to the UNESCO World \heritage site, the Rococo jewel of a church, the "Wieskirche". You can travel the greater part of the route (approx. 20 km) on quiet, level roads and paths, the only ascents are along the last part (approx. 9 km) from the Trauchgauer Almstube. You should definitely plan in time to visit the church. The return journey involves going back along the same route in reverse order.

Around the Hopfensee

Info: approx. 23 km, mostly paved, approx. 40 hm

Schwangau - Horn - Füssen boat harbour- Hopfen am See - Füssen - Schwangau

Level:  easy

From Schwangau via Horn and the Allgäuer Überlandwerk to the boat harbour in Füssen. Cross the B16, follow the cycle path to Hopfen am See, turn off 300 m after the end of the village of Hopfen to Reinertshof. Go south on the OAL 2 for approx. 400 m, then continue on the field track to your left to the Wiesbauer inn, take a short ride on the Hopfensee shore path, then go right in the direction of the Füssener Ach river, turn off left on the cycle path to Hopfen/Füssen and back to Schwangau.

Tips for mountain bikers

Mountain bike tour Bleckenau and Jägerhütte

Info: approx. 25 km long, 50% not paved, approx. 620 hm

Schwangau – Hohenschwangau – Jugendsattel – Bleckenau – Jägerhütte

Level: difficult

Once past the exit from Hohenschwangau, cycle right after 200 m on an unpaved road to the Jugendsattel. Cross this and follow the water supply way with its signpost in the direction of Säuling as far as the Bleckenau mountain inn. Continue following the signs to the Jägerhütte. The paths are mostly unpaved; you will ascend about 390 hm on the approx. 10 km to Bleckenau and about another 200 hm on the rest of the route (approx. 3 km) to the Jägerhütte.

Mountain bike tour Kenzenhütte via the Wankerfleck

Info: approx. 55 km, about 20 km unpaved trails, approx. 1000 hm

Schwangau – Hegratsrieder See – Halblech – Lobental – Lettenfelck – Leiterau –  Kenzenhütte (1285 m)

Level: This route makes high demands of your condition and cycling skill. In Schwangau go via Brunnen in the direction of the Hegratsrieder See. Turn off right to Greith (do not take the Forggensee cycling trail!) Go in the direction of Pfefferbichel and Buching. After the Berghof, cross the OAL 1, turn off left and continue in the direction of Halblech, parallel to the B17. In Halblech turn right from the Kenzen car park at the sawmill into the Halblechtal valley. Continue in the direction of the Kenzenhütte. Approx. 4 km after the sawmill, turn right in front of the Reiselsberger bridge onto the "Lobental" track (footpath to the Kenzenhütte). At the next crossroads go straight on in the direction of Lettenfleck, Kenzenhütte, Tegelberg.

At the triangular road junction cross the bridge in the direction of Leiterau (not the direction of Kenzenhütte!) and continue straight on in the direction of Brandnerfleck, Tegelberg. Turn left only after approx. 3 km in the direction of Bockstallsee, Wankerfleck, Kenzenhütte. After the Bockstallsee go left over the bridge in the direction of Kenzenhütte. You can return via the paved road to Halblech. Caution: A shuttle bus uses the car-free road!

Tips for racing cyclists

Info: approx. 100 km long, approx. 88 hm

Schwangau - Füssen - Ziegelwies - Pinswang - Reutte - Plansee - Ammersattel - Linderhof Palace - Oberammergau - Unterammergau - Unternogg - Hausen - Schildschwaig - Schwarzenbach - Wieskirche - Resle - Schober - Unter-/Oberreithen - Trauchgau - Halblech - Buching - Bannwaldsee - Schwangau

Info: approx. 70 km long, approx. 480 hm

Schwangau - Ziegelwies - Pinswang - Reutte - Weißenbach - Gaicht Pass - Grän - Pfronten - Vils - Ziegelwies - Füssen - Schwangau