The Ludwig Refugium

Our lavish beauty area is waiting for you, with beneficial massages, romantic couples treatments plus effective body and cosmetic treatments. Experience personal, professional consultancy for an individual treatment programme. This will allow you to switch off completely and distance yourself from frequently rushed everyday life. Take some time for yourself, let yourself relax to allow your body and soul to be pampered with all our skill!

"Be good to your body, so that your soul will rejoice to dwell in it!"
Teresa von Ávila

For your wishes and appointment booking
Tel.: +49 (8362) 88 90
If you send us your telephone number, we will be happy to call you back.


Our fitness coaches are highly qualified and will provide expert advice on the following topics:

  • Relaxation
  • Movement
  • Strength training
  • Mental training
  • Stress management
  • Trigger points
  • Gymnastic exercise
  • Nordic Walking    
  • Orthopaedics
  • Kinesio taping

We will be happy to put together a customised training programme for you and be at your side to provide advice, to prevent anything from getting in the way of professional training.

You are welcome to book all the training units offered as personal training. You can reserve your appointments before your arrival, which will give you the opportunity of expressing your wishes.

Our fitness trainers will be happy to answer any questions and provide further information:

General information:
For your safety, please wear comfortable sports clothing and suitable shoes in our Fit & Fun Lodge.

Fit & Fun Lodge

What do we offer?

  • 200 m² training area in the Fit & Fun Lodge
  • The most modern Miha Milon equipment with chip card system control
  • Up to 40 supervised and free fitness, relaxation and outdoor programmes per week
  • Expert, top qualified trainers
  • Free loan of Nordic Walking poles
  • Free loan of cycle helmets and bikes

Strength training
Get your body back in the fitness groove. Waiting for you: a well-equipped gym with a view of the surrounding mountain scenery and the most modern fitness equipment.

Your successes

  • Improvement of own body posture and body perception
  • Targeted training to build up performance or to prevent injuries

Our equipment training:

  • You will be personally and individually instructed by our fitness trainers on how to use the equipment.
  • Individual, correctly axially aligned positioning and individual equipment adjustment for optimum sitting and reclining position. This should minimise stress on the locomotor system.

Endurance check-up
Our endurance check-up involves a detailed introductory discussion, giving your fitness trainer an initial picture of you. The "cardio fitness check" on the cardio bike will determine your optimum training pulse rate – in this way, you will create a good foundation for effective and healthy heart and circulatory system training. In addition, you will always be training in your optimum heart frequency area, letting you build up your condition and burn fat.

We will check: blood pressure, body fat, BMI, condition and endurance

Approx. 45 minutes € 59.00


Personal training

What do we understand by personal training?
Do you have any wishes, complaints or individual goals? For you, our personal training means personal, individual and private support by physical and mental application – pleasant training on a smaller scale with a definite personal touch.


The benefits for you

  • Expert individual advice
  • Professional supervision
  • Individual consideration of your wishes and goals
  • Personal contact partner, contactable for queries
  • Motivation and fun in movement


Our focal points of personal training

  • Endurance and condition
  • Back problems prevention training
  • General fitness
  • Muscle development
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Pulse controlled basic training
  • Weight loss

Our recommendation
If you are still undecided, we recommend a personal, free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to:

  • Get to know the trainers
  • State your wishes and targets and ask questions
  • Give you a taste of what you can achieve with regular training
60 minutes € 79.00
30 minutes € 39.00


TRX suspension training
TRX is a sensational and innovative new development from the USA. It strengthens all the body sensations. The exercises promote strength, coordination, balance, endurance and stability, all at the same time. This training is equally suitable for beginners, leisure sports fans and athletes.

1 person (30 minutes) € 39.00
2 persons (30 minutes) pro person € 28.00
3 persons (30 minutes) pro Person € 21.00


TRX Trigger Point Workout (muscle fascia training)
Fascia is a term for the body-wide network of collagen connective tissue. If this network loses integrity due to everyday or sport-related poor posture or excessive strain on individual structures, this has a direct influence on the active part of the locomotor system. This leads to adhesion, hardening or contortion of the fascia. The "Grid" hard foam roll provides an excellent opportunity for self-therapy. It enables, via the matrix mesh technology with different massage zones, targeted self-massage that reaches the depths of the muscular tissue. This gives the muscles their natural capabilities back. An immediate effect is guaranteed. This training, under personal instruction, offers you a long-term effect for home uses as well.

The most important effects of the training: improved mobility, muscles are stretched, reduction in muscle-related pain.

1 person (30 minutes) € 39.00
2 persons (30 minutes) pro person € 28.00
3 persons (30 minutes) pro person € 21.00


TRX Rip Training
Rip Training is based on the use of a lever rod and a resistance rope, creating a unique and highly effective combination strength and rotation. This new style of whole body training can be carried out gently or with a lot of power. With this method, you can quickly and easily train your body control, mobility and coordination strength plus extensive whole body strength.

The most important effects of the training: rotation power, speed, strength, endurance, power, coordination.

1 person (30 minutes) € 39.00


Kinesio taping

What lies behind it?
The breathable and water-resistant Kinesio tape is an elastic, stretchable and water-resistant skin-friendly adhesive plaster. The tape consists of cotton and a wavy structure that adapts directly to the skin. As the tape can be worn for several days, the result is a 24-hour therapy. The advantage is that by wearing the tape you are protecting and supporting the muscles just where they need it. This enables faster healing and a reduction in pain and promotes mobility.


The effect:
The aim of the Kinesio tapes is to re-enable mobility of the joints by supporting the musculature and also to activate and speed up the healing process.


Muscle taping


  • Helps with disc problems, back pain and sciatica pain
  • Supports and promotes circulation
  • Helps with excessive stress and chronic pain as wells as joint degeneration and osteoarthritis
  • Good for treating sports injuries such as swelling or bruising
  • Eases headaches and light migraine attacks
  • Helps with muscle and joint problems
  • Relieves and reduces tensions
  • Treatment of trigger points
  from € 25.00


Lymph taping

Lymph drainage is improved with the aid of lymph tape and the circulation of fluid is improved.


  • Changes in the venous and lymphatic system very often lead to swollen legs in pregnancy
  • The body's return flow mechanism is supported
  • Circulation is promoted and the speed for flow of the lymph fluid increased
  from € 30.00


We would be happy to advise you in advance – call us, get in touch with us by e-mail or directly on the day of your arrival.

Active & revitalising programme – inclusive services

Pilates is a stretching and strengthening training, mainly strengthening the muscles of the lower torso (abdomen, lower back, pelvic floor).

Yoga & power yoga
Yoga follows a holistic approach, intended to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. Many people benefit from the calming and balancing effect of the physical exercises – also known as "asanas". In this way you can release spiritual and physical blockages while at the same time training your strength, flexibility and sense of balance.

Intensive belly & belly-legs-bottom training
The name says it all; here we get to the problem zones. Targeted belly training for all the abdominal muscles, firming of tissues and fat reduction are in the foreground here.

Flexi bar training
Flexi bar, also known as the magic wand, provides the option of strengthening deep musculature in an easy way.

Stretching is a gymnastic exercise that promotes and improves mobility.

Spine exercises
The ideal course for all those who have back problems or would like to prevent these. Targeted exercises improve posture and strengthen the muscular "support corset" (abdominal, back and buttock musculature). Preventing health problems is the focal point here.

Functional training
This free training serves to optimise your performance capability in the areas of strength, endurance, coordination and mobility. By training on a non-stable base or creating a non-stable balance situation, your own body weight becomes resistant, thereby training various groups of muscles at the same time in a single movement.

Body workout
This course challenges the whole body and strength and endurance is required. Also, targeted muscle groups are exercised and strengthened.

Autogenic training through an imaginary journey   
Imaginary journeys are exceptional experiences, providing relaxation, positive thoughts and emotions. They promote imagination and creativity and help to reduce stress and restore inner balance.

Progressive muscle relaxation
In progressive muscle relaxation, certain groups of muscles are consciously tensed and relaxed in a particular sequence. This leads to greater concentration and improved body perception. Muscle tension can also be loosened using this method.

Singing bowl meditation
Singing bowls originate in Eastern cultures, such as Japan, China, Thailand and the Himalayas. Giving a shape to sound and using the shaping effect of the sound for harmony and health is an ancient desire of human beings. The singing bowls are struck and the harmonics will lead you into deep meditation. Switch off, listen to the sound and go inside yourself.

Early bird exercise
Start the day in a a positive, good mood – a morning exercise session will give you more energy for the day.

Start the day fit and wake up in the morning
An exercise session with lightweight dumbbells, sticks or exercise balls, training the whole body.

Aqua exercise
The lifting effect of the water means that the strength and coordination exercises are gentle on the joints and the back, strengthening the muscles and the heart and circulatory system.

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is a gentle and yet effective whole body training using the special Nordic Walking poles. This type of sport can be practised by beginners as well as experienced athletes! Compared to ordinary walking, using the poles takes the strain off the back and the knee and hip joints.

SPA etiquette

The Ludwig Refugium
is a place of rest and relaxation. We ask you to respect this and behave with consideration towards other guests. We also ask you to note that mobile phones are not welcome in the wellness area.

Desired appointments
We would like to offer you your desired appointments. We therefore ask that you make your reservation early. We would be happy to provide written confirmation of the appointments by e-mail or fax at any time. Please note, however, that we must reserve the right to make necessary changes to appointments.

Changes to appointments
In our beautiful Allgäu region, there is so much to see and do, so we ask that you remember this when scheduling your appointments. If you nonetheless have to cancel an appointment or want to move it to another day, you can do so free of charge up until 24 hours before treatment. Please note that we will charge for an appointment in full if you cancel it at short notice or do not appear.

Your health is important to us
We want to give you a truly long-lasting, beneficial treatment, so we ask you please to let your therapist know before each treatment if any health restrictions apply.

Are you pregnant? Congratulations!
We have prepared some especially fantastic treatments and products for you. We are sure you will have discussed your stay here with your doctor. If your doctor has advised you not to have particular treatments, please let us know when you make your reservation.

For us to offer you the highest degree of comfort and relaxation, you should arrive at the SPA reception in your bathrobe some minutes before treatment begins.

Sauna world
For hygiene reasons, our sauna area is always to be used without clothing. If you prefer not to do this, we will be happy to make a steam bath available to you in the pool area. Please do not try and reserve the loungers!

Here, we request that you wear bathing costumes. Please do not try and reserve the loungers!

Fit & Fun Lodge
Please be careful of your own safety and wear sports clothing and shoes appropriate to the equipment.


Michael Droste-Laux

Michael Droste-Laux, one of the leading specialists in the field of acid-alkaline metabolic balance, refers to basic medical research and declares the interaction in the inter-cellular space to be the most important factor in "cosmetics from within". The cellular environment has a very decisive influence on our ageing process, our performance and our health. With his neutralising concept and his alkaline mineral & natural cosmetics, he has succeeded in combining orthodox medicine, natural healing and fine materials to enable statements on healing to be made and effects to be achieved.

Original Stadelmann aromatherapy blends

WELLNESS IN PREGNANCY? - BUT OF COURSE! In the sensitive phase of life from pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding, natural fragrance blends and aromatherapy care products provide valuable and helpful support. The original Stadelmann aromatherapy blends have been produced in Kempten/Allgäu since 1988, in cooperation with the well-known midwife and author Ingeborg Stadelmann. They are the result of many years of experience in assisting midwives and holistic thinking. Only the very best, naturally pure care oils are used in production.



Inspired by the rich heritage of Alpine folk medicine and the long tradition of plant-based effective substances, Alpienne has for many years with passionate belief been producing hand-crafted, very pure natural products. These have all the qualities needed for providing people with the very best in care for skin, hair and body, and thereby for beauty, vitality and well-being… Because we believe that body care is also at the same time health care!