The Ludwig SPA

A homage to the fairy-tale king! Integrated into the generously designed Schwanensee grounds is the Ludwig SPA, covering more than 6,600 square metres and with 21 bathing, sweat and relaxation attractions. Immerse yourself in this special atmosphere of colour, light, water and warmth. Let yourself be enchanted by the view of the beautiful Allgäu landscape and embark on a journey of discovery to see how King Ludwig's passions are reflected in the design of the whole wellness area. Dream the king's dream with us!

6.600 square metres
21 saunas, steam baths
and relaxation attractions
435 square metres
of water
1. The Schwanensee lake

Panoramic lake integrated into the landscape

2. The Schwanenbad pool

An experience: panoramic indoor pool (160 mwater surface area) with air bubble couches, neck massage flow, underwater massage, current channel. Entry to the outdoors in the heated sports pool

3. Sports pool by the Schwanensee lake

20 m long with 175 m2 of swimming pleasure right by the lake

4. Fairy-tale steam bath

The enchanting clothed steam sauna

5. The Lohengrin herbal steam bath

Royal steam pleasure in an elegant atmosphere

6. The Königsalm bio-sauna

Gentle stone pine wood sauna in Ludwig style

7. The Lion salt grotto

Healthy perspiring and inhaling in a mystic atmosphere

8. The Neuschwanstein sweat bath palace

Wood “Stubensauna” with historic heraldic motifs at a pleasant temperature

9. The "Sissistüberl"

Infra-red booth,
your back fitness programme in the SPA. Romantic and healthy too

10. The Grand Canal

The water wellness experience with ice fountain, rain shower, side arm showers, warm bucket showers, spray mist and coloured light

11. The Schwangau "Jungbrunn" (Fountain of Youth)

With a gallery of mirrors for laughs and a fountain of youth

12. The Ludwig Schwitzalm

Finnish sauna in the open air with a panoramic view

13. The Venus Grotto

Rest & relax on comfortable water beds in the amazing dome

14. Beautiful moon

The relaxation lounge that would have suited the moon-loving king. Resting room with a view of the Schwanensee and with comfortable relaxing loungers

15. Rest house and gallery by the lake

Relax on two storeys and enjoy the view of our Schwanensee

The Hotel König Ludwig area

Your direct route to feeling great. From your room, you will be able to proceed through the weather-protected, well-lit connecting passageways directly to the Schwanensee wellness area with 4,500 m2 of wellness, spa, beauty and fitness: