The sweat and relaxation attractions

Long live the king! Enjoy so much luxury wellness included in the price!

6.600 square metres
21 saunas, steam baths
and relaxation attractions
435 square metres
of water

Königsalm Bio-sauna

Gentle stone pine wood sauna in Ludwig style (60° C)

Neuschwanstein "Schwitzschloss"

Wooden "Stubenholzsauna" with heraldic motifs at a pleasant temperature(70° C)

The Grand Canal

The water wellness experience with ice fountain, rain shower, side arm showers, warm bucket showers, spray mist and coloured light

The Ludwig "Schwitzalm"

Finnish sauna in the open air with a panoramic view (90° C)

Beautiful moon

The relaxation lounge that would have suited the moon-loving king. Resting room with a view of the Schwanensee and with comfortable relaxing loungers

Rest house

Rest house with a panoramic gallery by the lake – ideal for reading, relaxing and enjoying the mountain views.