Lilien Lounge & Bar at the lake

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Holistic Food

The Lebensgesundmittel® from Pharmos Natur are real HOLISTIC FOOD. They cleanse, nourish, protect and support the body to create wholeness and clarity. They achieve order and harmony in your body. They are holistic products with body, spirit and soul. We use this HOLISTIC FOOD in all our feel-good dishes of our Lilien Lounge & Bar. You will also find them on our comprehensive breakfast buffet.


The restaurant awaits you for a culinary experience that is perfectly attuned to conscious indulgence. 5 courses are accompanied by exquisite wines.

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Our wine shop

Over many years, we have developed a great passion for wine. This passion finally led to the opening of a small, fine wine shop, which now offers a home and a stage for over 250 different wines.

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