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Our wine shop offers more than 250 different wines a home and a stage. We don’t just want to present the known and familiar, but regard the discovery of new things as an integral part of our philosophy. In order to share our passion for good wine and our knowledge about it with our guests, our Sommelier Markus Balzer is at your disposal with his knowledge. Our wine shop comes alive through regular tastings of wine and rarities. You are welcome to get an advice in this “walk-in wine list” before or after dinner and, if you wish, you can also take a bottle or two home with you.

"Voller Mut"
- free like a bird

We commissioned this red wine “Voller Mut” (engl. “Full of courage”) on the occasion of the birth of our second daughter Franziska. Being a loyal guest of our hotel and a winemaker, the owner from the Gernert winery from St. Martin (Palatinate) was happy to take on this task and to create this special Cuvée. The name “Franziska” translates as “The free one“. The name also stands for courage and bravery. “Voller Mut” is the desire to be able to develop freely in life. Free as a bird, yet courageous and fully standing in life.

With the best wishes for the future! Mom & Dad      (Julia Schwaninger & Florian Lingenfelder)

"Dahäm" - Palatinate roots combined in one bottle

2020 Riesling „dahäm“ (engl. “at home”)
Winery Acham-Magin / Palatinate
Our first own Palatinate Riesling, which Florian Lingenfelder dedicated to his father Werner Lingenfelder. In collaboration with the Acham family of winegrowers and our Restaurant Manager Hans-Peter Kleinhenz, a fresh, fruity Riesling with Palatinate character has been created. The taste of pineapples, apple-cinnamon and bright citrus fruit sets the scene on the palate. An elegant finish and a pleasant acidity complement the experience.

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The Lilien Lounge & Bar at the lake is captivating due to its unique location directly at the artificial Swan Lake, which offers a true spectacle of colours, dreamlike water reflections and fountains at any time of the year.

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