The attentiveness of the moment of touch,
is the arrival in the here and now!

It is all about the special moment of touch that makes you forget the burden of everyday life and draws your full attention to your body language. Where the muscles express our emotion, experienced hands ensure that we let go and feel ourselves.  Appreciating the moment is of primary importance to us at the Ludwig Spa. The moment in which our therapists care for your well-being and in which you entrust yourself to the many years of experience of our specialists. We do not treat according to standard! This is all about YOU!

We therefore place particular importance on talking to you when choosing and starting your desired treatments. Let professionals advise you in order to put together the ideal treatments for you.

Our partners

Pharmos Natur

Green Luxury facial- and body treatments

With our cosmetic products from PHARMOS NATUR you experience the unique and regenerative effect of selected medicinal & rejuvenating plants on your skin and also from the inside. Even after the first treatment you can feel and see the intensity and efficacy on your skin. The highlight of every PHARMOS NATUR treatment is the application of the special Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf. The natural ingredients nourish, repair and regenerate the cells. You book your appointment and the treatment will be adapted to your individual needs by our experts.

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/Skin Regimen/

The counterpart of urban lifestyle.

The facial treatments act against the effects of everyday stress and pollution – perfect for combating the signs of fatigue of an urban lifestyle. The 100% natural fragrance of juniper, copahu, rosewood and cedar essential oils regenerates and revitalises body and mind. The facial treatments start with relaxation techniques inspired by Qigong, which enhance the energetic detoxification and the mental balance. The applied fruit acid ensures visibly healthy, glowing and younger looking skin.

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Lola's Apothecary

The world of Lola’s Apothecary is an embodiment of sensuality and grace. Each bottle contains the wonder of nature’s gifts: natural ingredients and botanical extracts ethically sourced – for a profound, healing experience of joy and peace. In the heart of the idyllic Devon countryside, UK, everything is produced in small batches with attention to detail. With respect for the earth and its holistic healing potentials, all fragrance essences are free from synthetic perfuming, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens and all unwanted toxic ingredients.   Small – Fine – Special – Exclusive & Good.

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