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The Moment of Touch is the Arrival in the "Here and Now“!

Do you yearn for a better quality of sleep? Are you exhausted and do you desire special recovery and attentiveness for yourself? Are you plagued by “body stress” and its consequences? Effective treatment combinations are the key to effective recovery and perceptible ease. Or do you desire to immerse yourself in the vastness of the nature of the Allgäu, to mindful togetherness or are you expecting the miracle of new life together?



Rediscovering clear awareness in everyday life and appreciating myself. Pure relaxation – when it really matters. Completely customised to you, with energy-giving natural food, with soothing warmth, healing touch for aching joints, gentle movements and good thoughts. Opening my body & mind and bringing them back into harmony. Rediscovering clear awareness in everyday life, feeling and appreciating myself.
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Healthy sleep as source of regeneration. The new SPA philosophy at the König Ludwig offers all possibilities to effectively undergo “well-being and relaxation” as a comprehensive experience. Recommendations for training, food selection and mental offers are included. We will be glad to advise you at our SPA reception.

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“You look amazing!“ Enthusiasm for natural beauty, glowing skin and an all-round sense of well-being. A glowing complexion is more than just skin care. It is a smile, a good feeling, an upright posture, lived joy, an expression of feelings of happiness created in our healthy body´s core. Our experts attune high-quality care concepts for body and face  to your individual needs.

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Arrive in lightness, feel balanced and satisfied. Be curious and inspired to perceive and enjoy the happiest moments. Pure indulgence in combination with touch, motion and culinary delights. Your time for dreams and ideas in a generous ambience.

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The spirit of the Allgäu means giving space to tranquillity in nature. Rediscover the zest for life, close to the royal castles. Calm your mind and gather new strength, surrounded by fresh mountain air, lakes, forests and meadows.

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Find your passion, make your dreams come true and form your own happiness thanks to time for intense encounters. Do your heart good, rediscover and experience mutual appreciation. Celebrate togetherness and experience romance.

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