Feeling comfortable in your own skin, perceiving yourself and feeling what is good for you. Awareness and attentiveness towards one’s body and surroundings are issues that we would like to teach you in a professional way. In the presence of all permanent distractions from the outside, it is a blessing to find oneself again and to perceive the power of one’s inner centre once again. All special experiences are stored in our body in the form of muscle tension. This tension “corset” also determines our mobility. With the “Bio Balance” concept we bring the body back into balance and perceptible lightness in a purely physical way.

These are the best prerequisites for discovering the newly gained scope in a subsequent systemic coaching session and using individually appropriate tools for personal development. Especially in this combination, the coaching results become particularly effective. A sports training process usually takes several months or years. Therefore, we focus on your individual body perception to effectively improve your mobility during your stay at the Ludwig Spa.


Pure individuality. In individual sessions with INKOBE ®, one of the most effective modern forms of training, we react to your issues 100% and look for the best and most effective exercise or form of training for you. We teach focused body awareness including recommendations for your training at home. This is training with maximum sustainability!

30 minutes | 65 €          60 minutes | 130 €

(15 € extra for a second person)

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