Activate your self-healing powers
by Silvia Fink-Eisinger


Everyone wants to be healthy – the best medicine for this is carried within oneself

There are hundreds of diseases but only one health.
The basis for a healthy and powerful life is inner satisfaction. The heart needs love. The mind needs peace. The soul needs balance. The human being needs access to oneself. In this retreat you will learn which inner tools for a harmonious and healthy life you already have inside yourself. Have a look into yourself in the perfect environment in the Hotel König Ludwig – Inspiration Spa. The spa concept at Ludwig Spa lets you experience all healthy potentials positively.
Healthy mind = Healthy soul = Healthy body.

Many deseases can be cured by one´s own efforts. In the whole world, there are incredible and wonderful  stories of people who managed it. Thoughts and feelings are mainly responsible for healing. They effect our organism and are our best medicine.

In this seminar you will learn how to activate your self-healing power and how to use this knowledge sustainably. Our gut brain contributes significantly to being healthy, becoming healthy and staying healthy. The power of the heart is an incredible force!

What can you look forward to? You will learn how to stay holistically healthy. Mindfulness exercises, meditative walking in the meadows & forests deepen the experience. Strength lies in calmness. Switch off and find peace.

Silvia Fink-Eisinger has been an independent therapist for the personality with a focus on self-discovery, nature coach and author for over 30 years. Her seminars take place outdoors and according to her, “Nature is her best co-coach.” Her therapeutic method is unconventional and, above all, strikingly authentic.

Silvia Fink-Eisinger is

– entrepreneur
– for 30 years an independent coach for the personality
– for 10 years specialised in nature coaching
– writer of 5 books

Our offer for you

  • 3 nights in your chosen room category
  • incl. breakfast, light lunch and 3-course evening menu – vegan cuisine on request (please inform us on reservation)
  • all amenities of the inclusive services
  • wellness service with rental bag, bath towels, bath robe and bathing slippers

This retreat offers you the following:

  • a sensitive seminar with personality and nature coach Silvia
  • practical exercises to activate the self-healing powers
  • mindfulness exercises for home use
  • meditative hiking and mindfully embracing nature
  • guided and silent meditation
  • creative action to shape one’s self
  • inspiring conversations

for the body:

  • daily Yin Yoga (perfectly suitable for beginners)
  • daily breathing exercises
  • daily meditative walks
  • Neuro Reset Training with Sven Huckenbeck – Energy Healer Award 2022 and concept creator

for the mind:

  • understanding the effects and the power of thoughts
  • review attitudes about the past
  • positive mindset

for the soul:

  • realise your personal needs
  • follow intuition
  • emotions may be experienced

You will go home with your personal health book!

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