Rested and happy – the sleep retreat with Christine Lenz

Sleep – my path to more serenity, calm and inner strength Sleep is a gift and not a necessary evil. When we sleep, our mind and body regenerate. Only those who are well-rested are able to cope with life’s ever-increasing challenges. Make sleep your ally. “Sleep on it for a night” isn’t just a saying, it’s science. New ideas arise in dreams. The solution to problems often comes to us in our sleep. The brain doesn’t sleep, it processes and analyzes. Sleep makes you healthy and happy. Learn to sleep again. Your body has everything you need.


 Mindset, beliefs, fears, exogenous factors – recognize, question and change  Develop rituals: every morning and evening participants are offered ideas for their own rituals  Every day morning ritual, evening ritual, bedtime stories  Power napp exercises, micro relaxation, breathing exercises, self-massage and trigger points. Additional services upon request for an additional charge: – Sleep measurement – ​​polysomnography, O2 test, sleep tracker – Tool case to get to know each other (not for sale). Crunch splints, nose spreaders, snoring splints, pillow spray, etc. – Appropriate treatment from the holistic spa offering based on personal needs


  • expert in corporate health management with a focus on sleep
  • Sleep health and medicine expert Cooperation partner of the BKV “Healthy Sleep” campaign 2019
  • Lecture topics include: Selling well rested, neuro-enhancement: learning while you sleep, chronobiology for more success in life Workshop topics include: Healthy sleep, early recognition of problems falling asleep and staying asleep, shift work and sleep, sleep-related illnesses: What are they, how are they treated, how can I become active myself? What do depression, burnout and perfection have in common with sleep disorders?
  • Sleep Consulting & Design

Our offer for you

  • 4 nights in your chosen room category
  • all amenities of the inclusive services
  • a diet adapted to the rhythm of the day and night (breakfast, light lunch and light evening menu)
  • Welcome with initial information and documents, a sleep story and a good night ritual
  • Lecture: Basic knowledge on the subject of sleep, with analyzes and initial solutions, approx. 2 hours
  • Lecture: The individual path to sleep – about the triggers of individual sleep disorders and the development of individual solutions as well as bio balance and holistic hotel spa concepts
  • Bio Balance – Neuro Reset Training in the group
  • Powernap – the energy filling station: You can learn to take short naps! Power for the second half of the day – 10 different ways to get a short nap

  • in the single room

  • from € 1670

  • Inquiry

  • in the double room

  • from € 1330

  • Inquiry

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