Acting for success
Performance Coaching by Lena Reichmuth

17. - 20. Oktober 2024

The GOAL of the “Top-Star-Performance-Coaching-Program” is to strengthen your charisma and its conscious use. In this way, one’s own appeal and image are consciously chosen in order to adopt the “positive, relaxed winner’s attitude” in every situation. The performance on the “business parquet”, but also on the private stage, becomes unique and authentic, the effective conversation skills are activated and improved.

One’s own resources such as creativity, quick-wittedness, intuition, eloquence and charm are strengthened so that they can be retrieved with pinpoint accuracy even in difficult situations.

By using effective acting exercises, participants train to deal with their emotions in a playful way and to consciously use their own talents, which leads to optimal persuasion. This exercise programme is complemented by performance training from the “Bio Balance Concept” by Sven Huckenbeck, Spa Director at the König Ludwig. Posture and emotion are so closely linked that activating the movement spectrum automatically releases emotional ease.

Through targeted scene work, participants practise seizing “the right opportunity” in every situation in order to win over the “audience” for themselves and their own concerns. The participants are strengthened to overcome inner and outer limits and to grow beyond themselves. They learn to optimise the techniques of effective conversation management, to enter into real contact with their counterpart through purposefully placed pauses and to take the initiative at the “right” moment, be it to open the conversation or to successfully conclude “the scene”.

Special emphasis is put on the following acting techniques:

Breathing technique – voice training – creating mood – Determining your own appeal and creating your image

Coping with stage fright – improvisation

The following attributes and abilities are exposed and strengthened:

charisma – charme – conscious use of emotions – „putting yourself in the right light“

presence – eloquence – souvereignity – self-confidence – persuasiveness

quick-wittedness – creativity – intuition – sociability – social skills

empathy – flexibility – spontaneity – ease

Our offer for you

  • 3 nights in your chosen room category
  • incl. breakfast and 5-course evening menu
  • all amenities of the inclusive services
  • wellness service with rental bag, bath towels, bath robe and bathing slippers
  • Thursday evening: interactive Keynote „Acting for Success“ à 45 minutes
  • Friday morning 11 a.m.: Bio Balance & warm up: “Your body speaks even when you are silent!”
  • Friday afternoon 3 p.m.: performance workshop “Acting Charismatically“ à 3 hours
  • Saturday morning 10 a.m.: performance workshop “Acting Charismatically“ à 3 hours
  • Saturday evening 5 p.m.: Grande Finale

  • in the single room

  • ab € 1345

  • Inquiry

  • in the double room

  • ab € 1090

  • Inquiry

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