Find Your Big Why!
by Simona Deckers


What is my life about?
Why am I here?
What is my destiny?

Are these questions your questions as well? If your answer is yes, you should continue reading…

More and more people are asking themselves these questions; they are becoming more and more important and more frequent.

For so many people life has so little to do with satisfaction. This does not have to be the case! 

Do you know that? There is a longing that there should be more in life.
Do you desire a life that fulfills you and brings you pleasure?
Do you like to live in a more intense and satisfying way?
Do you desire having a meaning of life?
You are not alone!

Today, so many people want to know what their task, their purpose, is here and now in their lives. We have more today than any generation ever had.
And yet we are not happier. Why is that? We often find it difficult to design our own lives according to our needs and our why. In a life that is aligned with the priorities of others, we lack the ability to know and live by our own values and purpose. And the values of others are usually values that don’t fit us and feel empty. We then feel alienated and inauthentic.

One thing is very clear: Everyone has a destiny, without exception.

For many, the meaning of life seems to be a myth that is vast and unattainable. Sometimes it seems like a “mystery” because it seems so be hard to discover.
But it is not that difficult… Time that we do not spend connected to us leaves us with emptiness and meaninglessness. Life time gets meaning when we know ourselves and our values well and can perceive them well. In this retreat you will connect with yourself and you will find your purpose.

Also in this retreat we combine body work – especially the Neuro Reset Training to break up stress patterns by Sven Huckenbeck – with natural cuisine aligned to the biorhythm.

As a “Partner To Leaders”, Simona helps her clients achieve incredible success in both their private and professional lives, based on deep personal development combined with strategic success coaching and innovative entrepreneurship.

Our offer for you

  • 3 nights in your chosen room category
  • incl. breakfast and 5-course evening menu – vegan cuisine on request (please inform us on reservation)
  • all amenities of the inclusive services
  • wellness service with rental bag, bath towels, bath robe and bathing slippers
  • Friday: three meditation sessions and Bio Balance Training
  • Saturday: four meditation sessions
  • Sunday: meditation session and feedback

  • in the single room

  • ab € 1395

  • Inquiry

  • in the double room

  • ab € 1140

  • Inquiry

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